General Questions

LoftZone StoreFloor is suitable for almost all lofts, including cut, purlin and truss-roofed types. It's frequently fitted in both houses and commercial buildings. Your joists will be need to be made of wood and be at least 32mm (1.25") wide and 75mm (3") tall.

Yes you can, but you need to use StoreFloor. Most new houses have truss roofs and the British Standard says that the joists must be able to carry a permanent load of at least 25kg per square metre (e.g. for storage) plus a temporary load of 180kg (assumed to be one person walking around). Every new house has to be built at least to this minimum legal standard, though many can in fact accommodate much more storage.

Despite the joists being strong enough, many new house builders recommend that you don't board a loft. This is because the traditional method to raise the deck (using extra wooden joists) is very heavy and, since 2013, contravenes Building Regulations in the UK as the wood allows heat to escape through the insulation. But StoreFloor is OK as it is very light and does not suffer the heat loss problem like wood does.

Brand new houses are actually one of the biggest markets for StoreFloor, with thousands of happy customers.

Most people would like to board their whole loft, but you don't have to. StoreFloor is modular so you can start small and build more later when your storage requirements go up. Most people choose a square or rectangular deck, or an L or T shape near the hatch. Some people have more than one deck, on either side of the hatch. Don't board right up to the eaves though, as you'll want to keep a gap for ventilation.

We sell five standard-sized kits, from 3m2 (32 sq. ft.) to 36m2 (400 sq. ft.). There is a guide below to help you see what's suitable for you. We also sell individual parts, so if you'd like a non-standard shape, get in touch and we'll let you know exactly how many parts you need.

You'll see that our kits are sized in increments of 1.2m; that's because that's the length that standard boards come in, and that suits most people. If you want, you can decrease/increase sizes to match your needs exactly by moving the rows of Cross-Beams closer together, or by letting the boards overhang the beams slightly. If you need to, you can also cut the Cross-Beams, just use a saw or tin-snips. You may have to cut the boards too if you choose a non-standard size.

StoreFloor is extremely strong and LoftZone is the only raised loft floor manufacturer to have put its products through robust accelerated lifetime tests in extremes of temperature beyond those normally found in the UK. Even in these conditions, a StoreFloor deck survived loads of over 500kg per square metre, without failure.

In addition to being strong itself, StoreFloor's lattice-beam structure also strengthens the joists it is screwed into. Nonetheless, StoreFloor is only intended for storage and occasional access, and we recommend that you don't overload your joists. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.

The deck will be raised 279mm above the top of your joists. This is to allow for a full depth of loft insulation (up to 350mm, measured from the floor of the loft) plus an air gap above the insulation and below the boards. This essential air gap is there to allow air to flow over the insulation, thereby taking away any humidity which might otherwise condense on the underside of the boards and cause damp. We took advice from the Buildings Research Establishment for the size of the air gap during the design phase – hence the 279mm.

We provide one Uni-Support for every second Cross-Beam in our kits. For storage of up to 25kg per square metre and infrequent access by one person, this is sufficient. It's usual to place the Uni-Supports evenly underneath the deck, or you can concentrate them in the area which is likely to get the most loading.

If you wish to have a higher load on the deck, or walk upon it frequently, then we advise one Uni-Support fixed under every Cross-Beam, to provide additional stiffness and to spread the load. Additional Uni-Supports are available to buy from our website.
The vast majority of joists in the UK are either 400mm or 600mm apart (measured from the centre of one joist to the centre of the next one). That is why our Cross-Beams are designed to span 1200mm, so they fit perfectly. Importantly, there is also up to 75mm tolerance in case your joists weren't built exactly to these dimensions (many weren't!). And because the Cross-Beams bridge over intermediate joists, if you find there are any that are uneven or warped, you can just miss these out. So for most UK properties, everything will work fine.

Some houses however have other, or variable, joist spacing. In that case, you'll need to cut the Cross-Beams to the right size, so that they span between joists without overhanging or falling short. Cutting the Cross-Beams is easy; just use a saw or tin-snips. The beams are strong thanks to their design but only 0.7mm thick.

If you need help working out exactly how many parts you need, get in touch with us.
Orders will be delivered in a minimum of two working days, and always within one week. You can specify your preferred delivery date in the comments section when you order online and we will pass this on to the courier.

If you are not going to be in when delivery is made, you can let us know a safe place to leave the parcel (shed, porch, conservatory, neighbour etc), by specifying this in the comments section when you order online. If delivering to your workplace, for taking home after work, then each parcel measures 120 x 40 x 30cm and will fit into most hatchback or estate cars.
StoreFloor kits and loft ladders are shipped at a flat rate of £12 (Monday-Friday) regardless of how many items you buy. We use UPS or ParcelForce for delivery of these.

If you are ordering boards or insulation, then their weight and size means the cost rises to £40 (Monday-Friday). Again, this is regardless of how many items you buy. If you order StoreFloor parts at the same time, these will be included in the £40 delivery cost.

Saturday delivery is available, but only for some products and only for certain postcode areas. Please phone us for more information. You can also collect your order from our warehouse in Leicestershire, for free. Please phone us to book your visit

We offer all our customers a full refund for any unused parts, so long as you return them to our warehouse within 28 days of receipt. You will need to pay the return postage, that’s all. Get in touch with us before you send anything back, so that we know why, and so that we know who it’s coming back from.

StoreFloor has been installed in thousands of properties, from new build right through to heritage period houses. It works well in all of these but some older properties do cause certain issues when the joists are of uneven height or not flat. This doesn’t stop StoreFloor being fitted, but it’s worth considering the following points:

  • The first point to note is that StoreFloor bridges over, and completely misses out, most joists, since the Cross-Beams span 1200mm. Therefore, with a bit of planning, you can often choose to place the supports in such a way as to completely miss out the joists that cause the problem.
  • Occasionally however you will find that, even with the best planning, some of the joists you fix the supports to could be higher than others, or too uneven to screw into. The way our installers get around this is either by fitting a wooden shim underneath some supports, to make everything level, or to screw a small new piece of wood to the side of the original joist, and to fit the support on to that.