StoreFloor New Build Kit 1.2m x 3.6m with Loft Boards

This kit comprises of all the supports, beams and boards you need to lay a 1.2 metre by 3.6 metre (4 foot x 12 foot) StoreFloor, giving you 5m2 (or 48 sq. feet) of safe loft storage above your insulation.


This kit is suited to new build homes or any home with a long, narrow roof space. It can also be used to create a long access platform.


The pack includes:

• 9 galvanised steel Cross-Beams

• 12 recycled plastic Tri-Supports

• 5 recycled plastic Uni-Supports

• Screws and instructions.

• 12 loft boards (4 packs of three).


This kit can be delivered Monday to Friday for £12, regardless of how many kits or parts are ordered. Because of the weight of loft boards, we can only ship these kits to England, Wales and Southern Scotland.


See how easy this is to fit in our Installation Guide. Alternatively, you can have one of our approved installers fit this kit for you. Please visit Nationwide Loft Storage and fill in your details. Your local team will then contact you to arrange a quote.

Made in the UK.

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StoreFloor New Build Kit 1.2m x 3.6m with Loft Boards

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Questions about installation

Yes - please visit our sister website, and enter your postcode and contact details. Our nearest LoftZone Approved Installer will then get in touch with you to provide a free no-obligation quote.

The StoreFloor Cross-Beams are 1150mm (about 45") long. They span over 3 or 4 joists (depending on your building's joist separation) and have an easy sliding adjustment, in case your joists are not spaced regularly (most aren't!). The Cross-Beams rest on top of the Tri-Supports, where they can butt up against each other, or be positioned a few inches apart.

The StoreFloor Tri-Support and Uni-Support are both 279mm (about 11") tall, and rest on the top of the joists. This is sized to allow the full depth of modern insulation levels plus an air gap above the insulation and below the boards. This air-gap is there to allow ventilation, to remove any possible moisture build-up on the underside of the boards. Beware any products which don't provide this essential air-gap!

Boards are standard tongue and groove chipboard flooring, measuring 1220 x 325 x 18mm.

Most people would like to board their whole loft, but you don't have to. StoreFloor is modular so you can start small and build more later when your storage requirements go up. Most people choose a square or rectangular deck, or an L or T shape near the hatch. Some people have more than one deck, on either side of the hatch. Don't board right up to the eaves though, as you'll want to keep a gap there for ventilation.

No. StoreFloor is built up in sections, 1 square metre at a time. So you can build part of your deck - on one side of the hatch for example - and then transfer your possessions on to your new deck before creating the next part of your StoreFloor.

We sell a number of standard-sized kits, from 3m2 (32 sq. ft.) to 52m2 (576 sq. ft.). We also sell individual parts, so if you'd like a non-standard shape, get in touch and we'll let you know exactly how many parts you need for your perfect deck. We'll need to know the dimensions of the deck you'd like, and please also tell us in which direction the joists run, as that makes a difference.

Note that we measure decks in multiples of 1.2m in each direction, as that is approximately the length of our regular Cross-Beams and of standard loft boards. If you'd like to build a deck that isn't an exact multiple of 1.2m, then that's possible; we'd recommend you buy enough parts for the next 1.2m up, and then cut the beams and/or boards to suit.

Either way, contact us on or 01483 600304 with your measurements and we will work out the number of parts you'll need.

The StoreFloor system consists of the recycled plastic Tri-Supports (the triangular parts) and the galvanised steel Cross-Beams. These, on their own, provide a strong deck. The Uni-Supports (the vertical legs) are there to provide extra stiffness, to carry higher loads and/or for use when you are intending to access the deck frequently.

We provide one Uni-Support for every second Cross-Beam in our kits. It's usual to place the Uni-Supports evenly underneath the deck, or you can concentrate them in the area which is likely to get the most loading. For storage of up to 25kg per square metre and infrequent access by one person, this number of Uni-Supports is sufficient and most of our customers do not order any more.

If you wish to have a higher load on the deck, or walk upon it frequently, then we advise one Uni-Support fixed under every Cross-Beam, to provide additional stiffness and to spread the load. Additional Uni-Supports are available to buy from our website.

LoftZone StoreFloor is suitable for almost all lofts, new and old, including cut, purlin and truss-roofed types. It's frequently fitted in both houses and commercial buildings, and is the only product that has official approval for use in new-build properties in the UK. Your joists will be need to be made of wood and be at least 32mm (1.25") wide and 75mm (3") tall.

If you are unsure whether your property is suitable, please contact us on or 01483 600304 and we'll be happy to advise you.

Yes, thousands of people have fitted StoreFloor into their own homes. The parts are lightweight and sized to easily fit through most loft hatches. They are simply screwed to each other and into the joists. Loft boards to fit on top are a bit heavier, typically 5kg each, but are still an easy DIY job. You can see our installation guide here. Note: to fit StoreFloor, we recommend the use of an electric cordless screwdriver.

Nonetheless, if you would like someone else to fit this for you, please visit our sister website, and enter your postcode and contact details. Our nearest LoftZone Approved Installer will then get in touch with you to provide a free no-obligation quote.


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